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(for Lost Cartridge Jam 2021


Unlimited F1 '96 game (PRE-RELEASE version) was released for Sega Saturn console in March 1996 after the new Australian F1 GP in Melbourne.

It was a low-cost promotional version including only Quick Race of this circuit. The final game was released in 31th October 1996, after F1 season had finished.

This game has been developed in 3 days for 3 persons (programmer, designer and calibration/tester) simulating a retro game for Sega Saturn console (resolution 320×224 px).

This F1 simulation game has only "Quick Race" mode and the first circuit of 1996 F1 season, obviously because there is no time for more.


(Keyboard or Generic Gamepad)

... in Menu:
  • Move: Cursors or Pad 
  • Select: Enter/Space keys or Start/South Button 
  • Back: Escape key or Select/East Button 
... in Game:
  • Car control: Cursors or Pad/Left Stick 
  • Car throttle and brake: South and East Buttons 
  • Reset Car position: "R" key or North Button 
  • Change camera view: "C" key or West Button . TV-Cameras only available in Viewer Mode.
  • Pause/Continue: Escape key or Select/Start Button 
... in Game (Viewer Mode):
  • Target previous pilot: "-" key or Left Shoulder 
  • Target next pilot: "+" key or Right Shoulder 



  • Circuit design: roads creation based on a real map as a template.
  • Car teams design: 10 car teams designed based on F1 1996 teams.
  • New objects design: fences and semaphores.
  • Menu design.
  • Statistics: gap time between the previous and the next cars (when crossing the start line and intermediates), pilots/teams classification and pilots fastest lap (at the end of the race).
  • Cameras design: 1 camera inside the car, 1 camera outside the car, 2 fixed rearview cameras and TV-Cameras (only available in Viewer Mode).
  • Playing/Viewer Mode: in Viewer Mode your car drives automatically (AI). Also, allows you to see the race with TV-Cameras and change the targeted pilot.
  • AI Improvements: raycasts detection between cars, avoiding front/lateral collisions and allowing another way for overtaking.
  • AI Circuit design: 2 best ways circuit design, one to go ahead and another to overtake. Also designed the brake zones.
  • AI Real times: cars are calibrated and tested to do similar lap times like the real ones performed in 1996 (only for Professional Difficulty).
  • Car teams configuration: horse power(HP) configuration similar to F1 cars in 1996.
  • Pilot design/calibration: pilot 3D model converted to low poly, his movements adapted to the steering wheel.


  • Car damage.
  • Fuel consumption.
  • Pit stops.
  • Training / Qualifying modes.
  • Car number (visible on car).
  • Pilots customization.
  • Opening video.


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Incredible what you achieved in such a short time! The game looks and feels really authentic :)

Amazing job!

Thank you so much! :)