Descend with your Eye
into the Pit of the Abyss
during 20 levels x 5 stages
around 100 years in the past
and you will FIND THE LIGHT

IN 3 DAYS WITH LIMITATIONThere is only one character
(v1.0 only downloadable)
⌨️ Keyboard (cursors and space) and
🎮 Joystick (genericPS4XboxNintendo Switch or PS3 with Mayflash adapter) availables

Try not to fall. Descend step by step. When you reach the last level step in the 1st stage, the next level steps will appear.

For each step you don't touch, you will be penalized with 2 seconds less as steps untouched. Also, the next step you touch will hide.

Don't touch the wall, you will be penalized with 1 second. Also, the last step you've touched will hide.

For each level you overcome, steps will be more irregular and steep but you will gain more points for each one you touch (level 1 +100, level 2 +200, level 3 +300, ...).

There are some bonification points:

    • Step Points x4 when you touch a single step after 1 step hole. 
    • Step Points x8 when you touch a single step after 2 steps hole.
    • Step Points x16 when you reach the last level step.
    • Stage Points x2 when you touch all stage steps without hiding any step.
    • +10,000,000 Points when you overcome ALL LEVELS.



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Abyss Eye v1.1 (winx64).zip 31 MB
Abyss Eye v1.0 (winx64).zip 31 MB
Abyss Eye v1.1.apk 29 MB


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Hi! I'll be playing Abyss Eye tomorrow on stream along with a few other games from the Mini Jam 90 at 3:30pm EST. I'll be talking about any interesting design decisions as I play, and suggesting improvements if any come to mind. Please feel free to join me live, it'll be extra fun to chat together about your game while playing it :)


Hi! First of all, thank you!

I'll try to be watching you in twitch at this hour (I must review which hour is in Spain).

Don't be scared when you see D.Trump after level 1 XD. "Eye" character goes down but symbolizes going to past so, for each level you'll see an important news 5 years ago successively (there are 5 stages for each level). In 2016: D.Trump wins the USA elections, in 2011: There was a tsunami in Japan, ...

I recommend to play with left stick gamepad.